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Hand Crafted Beams

Hand crafted beams are available in diameters ranging from 6" to 48", and up to 42' in length. Most customers will have us hand draw knife the bark off, although they are available with the bark still on them. Only beams that have had the bark removed can be grade stamped. We also offer hand crafted logs with character on them for an additional cost. 

This pricing included hand draw knifing the bark off of the logs and grade stamping. 

These are just a few of the sizes and lengths we offer. Call or email us to get pricing on other sizes and lengths.

6"x10' $53.00

6"x16' $85.00

8"x10' $99.00

8"x20' $198.00

9"x20' $283.00

10"x20' $380.00

10"x40' $934.00

12"x32' $919.00

20"x40' $3,198.00

Contact Us for more details and pricing!