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Log Wiz

The Log Wiz, a state-of-the-art piece of equipment, will make your chainsaw a powerful tool. When using the Log Wiz, attach the piece to the chainsaw, and watch it easily do the work of various tools, including a de-barker, a planer, a jointer, a notcher and a post sharpener.

The Log Wiz is fitted with two replaceable 3 1/4" planer blades, which are designed to make the cutting surface of the log wider.

The design of the drum allows for the easiest blade transfer possible and extended durability, which will help you save time and money.

The Log Wiz has several unique features, including:

  • It works as a de-barker
  • Features 3 1/4" standard planer blades
  • Built with a universal spline/sprocket system
  • Sprockets designed to accommodate all chain pitches
  • It works as a notcher
  • Installs within 10 minutes
  • Weighs less than 3 lbs.
  • It works as a planer