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T&G Wall Logs

T&G wall log packages are available in a "D" profile as well as a "Square" log profile. Both profiles are grade stamped by Timber Products Inspections. Our T&G logs are not quite as dry as our swedish cope wall logs because they are milled out of cants, rather than our raw logs from the forest. The two corner systems we offer in this style of log are called "Butt & Pass", and "Dovetail".
Butt and Pass is where one log butts into the side of the log that continues out past the corner of the wall. Every other log in a corner will alternate as it is stacked. Thus, giving the corner a staggered look. 
Dovetail is where each corner log is taper notched to fit the log below it. Dovetail notches are only available in 6x12 and 8x12 square log profiles. 


Prices reflected are per lineal foot for random lengths. Contact Us for more details!

6x8 $9.70 / Lineal Ft.

8x8 $12.65 / Lineal Ft.

8x12 $25.80 / Lineal Ft.