About Our Logs

Dry House Logs

We have high standards for our logs and we offer some of the driest house logs in the industry. Idaho’s arid climate contributes to our reputation for having such dry logs. Our logs are cut from standing dead timbers, or they are air dried for several years to ensure a low moisture content.


A home that is built with logs that are dry to the core will experience less settling than logs that are not fully dried, such as kiln-dried logs. In most cases only the outside of a kiln-dried log is dry, the center of the log (the core) is still green so the log will shrink as it dries which causes a log wall to settle.


Our log walls are TP-graded (Timber Products Inspection, Inc.), which means they have been inspected and certified by the largest wood inspection agency in the nation. Additionally, TP is the only grading agency approved by the American Lumber Standards Committee to function in all fifty states.


TP strictly follows the grading structure and design principles set by ASTM D3957, a nationally recognized industry standard.

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