Log Pricing

About Random Lengths


The majority of the log homes we ship out utilize random length wall logs, although we can pre-cut & tag each log for your home for an additonal fee. Random lengths make the log kit fast and easy to assemble. Just about any log can be used anywhere in the home, no searching through heavy bundles of logs looking for the one log you need. One important benefit is that random lengths make it possible to make small changes to your home after the logs arrive(which happens more often than one might think). Simply send us a set of prints or a detailed sketch of your home and we will estimate the total lineal footage of log, and number of saddle notches needed to complete your home. Many customers with no experience are able to stack their walls in less than a week!


We also offer log packages in which the walls consist of logs that utilize full length pieces with nearly no butt joints. These logs are cut to an exact length, notched & labeled for a specific location in the wall. This is a more expensive option, but you will find that Log Home Outlet is the most affordable full length log package provider in the business.