Standard Swedish Cope

Standard Swedish Cope

“Standard” appearance swedish cope wall logs are for the customer wanting a more modern/ less rustic looking log home. Standard wall logs may have slight drawknifing on some of the logs, but for the most part they are perfectly milled. This style will have a more uniform finish than the cabin appearance wall log option.


Swedish cope wall logs make simple to construct, exceptionally strong, energy efficient homes. To ensure quality, our Swedish Cope wall logs are grade stamped to meet Timber Product Inspections stringent grading standards. Our saddle notched corner system displays precision craftsmanship, as well as interlocking the two walls in a corner together. We offer Swedish Cope Wall Logs in both Standard and Cabin appearance. Both styles include saddle notched corners and are TPI grade stamped at no additional charge. We also use the driest of wall logs to make our swedish cope log homes, thus minimizing settling.


Prices reflected are per lineal foot for random lengths. Swedish cope prices include saddle notched corners.  Contact Us for more details!




7″ $6.59 / Lineal Ft.

8″ $8.23 / Lineal Ft.

9″ $11.19 / Lineal Ft.

10″ $14.38 / Lineal Ft.

12″ $20.89 / Lineal Ft.

14″ $26.80 / Lineal Ft.

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